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Permobil Domus 4 Low Air Loss Mattress - MEDability
  • Permobil Domus 4 Low Air Loss Mattress - MEDability
Permobil Domus 4 Low Air Loss Mattress - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

Domus 4

Low Air Loss System

Domus 4 Alternating Pressure Therapy system offers Low Air Loss to wick away moisture for an effective microclimate control.

Simplified Pump Technology

Modes include Alternating Pressure Therapy and Constant Low Pressure (static). Domus 4 also features max inflate and seat inflation for the Fowler position.

Client weight references are incorporated into the control panel so caregivers can easily find the correct level for comfort and firmness needed for optimum comfort and healing.

Cell-on-Cell Bladder Support

The bottom cells of the air surface are 3” high and act as a pressure support to avoid bottoming out. This provided peace of mind and continued care during transport or in case of power failure.

Alternating Pressure Therapy

Domus 4 offers Alternating Pressure Therapy with a 10-minute operating cycle that allows to inflate/deflate to offload body pressure.

Safety Features

To protect your clients, the Domus 4 has a number of added safety features. An accessible and high visible CPR release valve allows caregiver to quickly deflate the surface during emergencies. It can stay inflated during transport. Plus there is an auto-lock on the settings after five (5) minutes.


Product Features

  • Suitable for clients with medium to high risk for pressure injuries

  • Low Air Loss for microclimate control

  • Cell-on-Cell bladder to avoid bottoming out

  • Zippered cover allows for one-step removal

  • Visual and audible alarm enhances clients’ safety & security

  • Maximum client weight of up to 450 lb